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with PURE souLEWITT DTP Beat Kit Pro 7: Professional 7-piece drum mic kit with 1x kick mic, 3x tom mics,
2x overheads and 1x snare mic..nd

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The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 provides reliable premium gear for a memorable performance. This 7-
piece professional kit contains our dual-element DTP 640 REX, along with three dynamic DTP
340 TT mics, two LCT 340 condenser mics and one cardioid dynamic MTP 440 DM mic. All
needed windscreens and mounts, as well as a military-grade protective case, are included.

The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7
This 7-piece professional kit provides reliable premium gear for memorable performances, live
and in the studio.

1x DTP 640 REX – Kick-drum mic with dual-element design
The DTP 640 REX combines a dynamic and a condenser capsule in a single housing. Switchable
frequency response settings give you modern and intense or neutral kick-drum sounds.

3x DTP 340 TT – Supercardioid dynamic tom mics
The DTP 340 TT is a dynamic microphone specifically designed to capture the sound of drums
and percussion instruments accurately. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum
isolation of the sound source.

2x LCT 340 – Pencil microphones with crystal clear sound
Our LCT 340 is a 0.8″ externally polarized condenser microphone that excels in capturing
acoustic and percussion instruments. Its rugged black die-cast full-metal body ensures long
2x LCT 340 OC – Omnidirectional capsules for LCT 340
Two interchangeable omnidirectional condenser capsules for the LCT 340.
1x MTP 440 DM – Snare mic with clear and punchy sound
The MTP 440 DM is a cardioid dynamic instrument microphone. It features a highperformance
capsule that delivers a remarkably punchy and lively sound.
LEWITT microphones are designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria.

• DTP 640 REX
• Phase aligned condenser and dynamic microphone in one housing
• 3 switchable sound-shaping modes
• Integrated stand adapter
• Polar pattern: cardioid
• Frequency range (dynamic): 20 … 16,000 Hz
• Frequency range (condenser): 20 … 20,000 Hz
• Sensitivity (dynamic): 0.4 mV/Pa, -69 dBV/Pa
• Sensitivity (condenser): 2 mV/Pa, -54 dBV/Pa
• DTP 340 TT
• Ideal for toms and percussion
• Polar pattern: supercardioid
• Frequency range: 40 … 16,000 Hz
• LCT 340
• Small diaphragm pencil condenser microphone
• Interchangeable capsules: cardioid, omni
• Frequency range: 20 … 20,000 Hz
• Sensitivity: 9 mV/Pa, -41 dBV/Pa
• Self-noise: 15 dB (A)
• Max. SPL for 0.5% THD: 139 dBSPL
• Low-cut: linear, 40 Hz (12 dB/oct), 150 Hz (6 dB/oct), 300 Hz (6 dB/oct)
• Attenuation: 0 dB, -6 dB, -12 dB, -18 dB
• MTP 440 DM
• Dynamic instrument microphone
• Ideal for snare, amps, wind instruments
• Slight bass roll-off and crisp presence
• Polar pattern: Cardioid
• Frequency range: 60 … 16,000 Hz
• Incl. mic mounts, windscreens, protective case

Military-Grade Carrying Case, 3 x DTP-340-TT Tom Mics, 1 x DTP-640 REX Kick Drum Mic, 1 x MTP-440-DM Instrument Mic (for Snare), 2 x LCT-340 Small Diaphragm Condensers Microphones, 2 x Omnidirectional capsules, 2 x Cardioid Capsules, 2 x Foam Windscreens (LCT-40-WS), 5 x Microphone Clips (DTP-40-MTS), 1 x Microphone Clip (MTP 40 MCs), 4 x Drum-Mounts (DTP-40-MT)

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