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Lewitt LCT 441 FLEX

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LCT 441 FLEX: 1″ multi-patterncondenser microphonewith PURE sound

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The LCT 441 FLEXisa pure sounding multi-patternstudio microphone. Choose from a set of eightpolar patterns, three of those beingreversedpatterns.The 1″ true condenser capsule delivers an incredible amount of detail and high dynamic range. Comes with shock mount, magnetic pop-filter,and leatherette bag.

PUREsound from every perspectiveThe LCT 441 FLEXisa studio multi-pattern microphone. Choose from a total of 8 polar patterns, three of those being reversed patterns. The 1″ true condenser capsule delivers an incredible amount of detail and high dynamic range. The compact, sturdy and stylish housing guarantee longevity.Stay flexible –be creativeUse the LCT 441 FLEX to record your vocals, acoustic instruments, guitaramplifiers, drums, percussion, and everything else. Do not hesitate to change your perspective by experimenting with different directivitiesincluding reversed polar patterns.Change your soundA polar pattern affects how much room sound you end up recording. But switching your polar pattern not only changes the directivity but also alters the frequency response, resulting in a different sound coming from the same microphone. You can also control the proximity effect and have it pronounced or reduced according to your application. This can serve as another sound shaping tool.Shock mount and magnetic pop filter includedReduce unwanted structure-borne noise efficiently using the included shock mount. The magnetic pop filter perfectly integrates with the design of the microphone.Outstanding performanceWith a total of 8 polar patterns, low self-noise, and the ability to handle ear-shattering sound pressure levels, one thing is for sure -nothing will limit your performance on the technical side. The reverse polar patterns make it easy to adapt the mic to your application. Whatever positioning you choose, you will find the user interface fully accessible. Designed and engineered in Vienna, AustriaLike all LEWITT microphones, the LCT 441 FLEXwas developed and engineered in Vienna, Austria.

•Multi-pattern studio condenser microphone•1” premium capsule designfor PUREsound•Omni, Figure-8, Cardioid, Reverse cardioid, Wide cardioid, Reverse wide cardioid, Supercardioid, Reverse supercardioid•Frequency range: 20 … 20,000 Hz•Sensitivity: 17.2mV/Pa, -35.3 dBV/Pa•Self-noise:7 dB (A)•Dynamic range: 137 dB (A)•Max. SPL for 0.5% THD:144 dBSPL•Incl. shock mount, magnetic pop filter, windshield, micbag

LEWITT LCT 441 FLEX, LCT 40 Wx – Windshield, LCT 40 SH – Shock mount, LCT 50 PSx magnetic pop filter, DTP 40 Lb – Cushioned mic bag

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