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On-Stage GearGSAC6400Grip Clip™ Guitar Breakaway Cable Clip

Grip Clip™ Guitar Breakaway Cable Clip

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The ingenious Grip Clip™ prevents the inadvertent unplugging of guitars, basses, and other strap-worn instruments. It eliminates the possibility of kinking caused by wrapping an instrument cable around a strap button. By clipping high upon the strap behind the player’s back, the Grip Clipâ ¢produces a wide gentle loop which reduces stress on both the strap and output jack, while simultaneously reducing and protecting against the likelihood of a stepped-on or snagged cable. The cable itself is attached to the Grip Clip™ via a snap-in channel sized to accommodate all popular instrument cables.

Safely provides stress relief for instrument cables

Black with white logo

Molded plastic construction

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